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Email from Atty. David J. Cynamon to Gordon England,
Deputy Secretary of Defense

November 16, 2007

Via E-Mail and Facsimile

Hon. Gordon England
Deputy Secretary of Defense                                    
1010 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1010

Re: Guantanamo Detainees ISNs 213, 232, 551, 552

Dear Secretary England:

I represent the remaining four Kuwaiti citizens detained at Guantanamo and am writing to request a meeting with you to facilitate their repatriation.  You are recognized in Kuwait as a fair person who understands and values the close and special relationship between the State of Kuwait and the United States.

As you know, eight of the 12 Kuwaiti detainees have been returned to the custody of the Government of Kuwait, which has successfully reintegrated them into Kuwait society.  Despite the apparent mutual interests of the United States and Kuwait, and the effective actions of the Government of Kuwait, however, the other four Kuwaiti detainees continue to be held.   As the attached spreadsheet listing each of the stated, unclassified allegations against each of the 12 detainees indicates, there is no obvious reason why the eight were released and the four remain imprisoned.

We have been in touch with officials in the US Government and the Government of Kuwait in an effort to understand what remains to be done to achieve repatriation of the remaining four detainees, and to help facilitate  appropriate provisions of terms of release.

I have written to and spoken with Mr. Alan Liotta of Detainee Affairs (by telephone on October 18, 2007), who confirmed he could not discuss these matters with me because the Department of Justice has determined that all communications should be through DOJ attorneys.  Yet, when I met with Judry Subar of the Department of Justice and Stephen Pomper of the Department of State, they advised that they would provide any information that we wished to submit to appropriate DoD officials and that they could not discuss substantive matters with me.  Enclosed is a copy of my correspondence with other DoD officials for convenience of reference.

It appears that only you can cut this Gordian knot and facilitate a final resolution permitting return of the four detainees to the custody of the Government of Kuwait. For that reason, I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss what remains to be done to accomplish that result.

Thank you

David J. Cynamon

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