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January 23, 2008
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What Should the U.S. do With the GuantanamoBay Detention Camp?

Letters to the Editor
Chicago Tribune
May 16, 2006

Sunday's Editorial page asked Tribune readers to respond to that question.

What possible benefit could we gain by leaving the GuantanamoBay detention "camp" open for even one more day? Any intelligence the U.S. could extract from the inmates there is years old. The existence of the place encourages the enemy to fight rather than discourages them.

-- Elizabeth Hoffmann


Close the camp. It is illegal and establishing it in Cuba has clearly been a subterfuge to permit uncivilized practices. Let us hope that our troops, if captured, are not treated in the same way we are treating these prisoners.

-- Heather and Geoff Higgins


Keep the camp open. We are fighting an enemy that figures to get a higher seat in heaven for killing innocent Americans, including women and children. The former rules of war no longer apply in the traditional sense and we need to do whatever is in our best interest to keep America safe from this form of enemy.

Incarcerating them is our only option.

-- Jim Leatzow

Three Lakes, Wis.

The place is not at issue here. It's the treatment of people.

Eventually the detainees will have contact with the outside. Do we want them to say, "At least they treated me well," or, "Those Americans are really vicious and full of revenge"?

-- John S. Strauss

St. Charles

Close it as soon as possible. This would serve as better "protection" for my son-in-law in the Army, now serving in Iraq, as well as the country in general.

-- Kathryn Norcross Black

Lake Barrington

Close it. If the U.S. could not prove the guilt of 500 people over the past five years, then the U.S. should send the detainees back to their homes. Our country is based on freedom and rights for all people. Should we treat non-Americans without care and respect?

I was raised to love America and I do, but our treatment of these people is shameful.

-- Mary J. Candioto


I am always a little bit suspect when "internationalists" scream--and they always scream--that we should shut down Guantanamo.

We expect this anti-American blather from committed and radical leftists who cannot recognize evil on its face. But coming from our elected congressmen sworn to defend our Constitution, country and very lives?

-- Jeff Grigoletti

Tinley Park

All Guantanamo detainees should be judged without delay publicly and in civilian courts. Doing otherwise may just continue to fuel unfounded rumors that, God forbid, the government may have something embarrassing to hide.

-- Cristobal de Losada


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