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U.S. transfers 20 more prisoners to Afghan custody
February 10, 2008
Confusion Clouds Guantanamo Tribunals
Associated Press
February 6, 2008
France urges US to drop Guantanamo trial of Canadian
January 23, 2008
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Kuwaiti Detainees Editorial Archive
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Throughout the United States, and around the world, wide spread indignation continues to be voiced about the illegal detention of the Guantanamo prisoners.

It is now clear that to deny anyone a fair trial is to deny the American system itself.

Each new day brings fresh expressions of profound concern from world leaders and the world’s most respected humanitarians.

The voices of concern over the abrogation of American rights have been heard from all parts of America…and from all political persuasions.

These are just a few voices in the chorus of media voices concerned for the welfare of the Kuwaiti detainees, and for the integrity of the American system. Among others.

July 2006

Legal Times editorial - How an Overachieving Law Professor Toppled the President's Terror Tribunals
July 31, 2006

The Chicago Sun-Times editorial - If You're Innocent, You Might Be Able To Get Your Sentence Reduced To Life
July 30, 2006

Khaleej Times editorial - Rule Of Law And US Gulag
July 30, 2006

The New York Times editorial - The Court Under Siege
July 29, 2006

St. Petersburg Times editorial - Stop This Tribunal
July 28, 2006

The Washington Post editorial - What the Hamdan Ruling Really Meant
July 26, 2006

GW Magazine editorial - A Few Good Men & Women
Summer 2006

Christian Science Monitor editorial - Must US Allow Guantanamo Detainees to Attend Own Trial?
July 24, 2006

The Washington Post editorial - Detainees, if Freed, Could Help U.S.
July 24, 2006

Newark Star Ledger editorial - His Verdict: U.S. Guilty in Guantanamo
July 24, 2006

The New York Times editorial - Leading to Low Ground
July 20, 2006

The Boston Globe editorial - Try Detainees Lawfully
July 19, 2006

New York Times editorial - The Definition of Tyranny
July 18, 2006

Washington Post editorial - Wiggle Room on Cruelty
July 18, 2006

Newsweek editorial - The Gitmo Fallout
July 17, 2006

New York Times editorial - The Law Gets a Toehold
July 13, 2006

Los Angeles Times editorial - Gitmo, Meet Geneva
July 13, 2006

New York Times editorial - Recognizing the Power of the Courts, Finally
July 12, 2006

Miami Herald editorial - Gitmo Reconsidered
July 12, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer editorial - Strict Adherence to the Geneva Conventions
July 12, 2006

Los Angeles Times editorial - Gitmo Rules
July 11, 2006

Associated Press editorial - Administration Decides All U.S. Detainees Entitled to Geneva Conventions Protections
July 11, 2006

Associated Press editorial - Detainee Treatment Again Testing GOP Unity
July 11, 2006

Washington Post editorial - Rethinking Embattled Tactics in Terror War
July 11, 2006

New York Times editorial - Military Lawyers Prepare To Speak on Guantanamo
July 11, 2006

Chicago Tribune editorial - What To Do About America's Military Commissions
July 10, 2006

Associated Press editorial - Durbin Visits Guantanamo Prison Camp
July 10, 2006

Reuters editorial - Guantanamo Prisoners Won't Be Moved to U.S. - White House
July 10, 2006

The Washington Post editorial - Congress's Turn
July 9, 2006

New York Times editorial - Signs of Life in Congress
July 9, 2006

Washington Post editorial - Bush's Unintended Internationalism
July 9, 2006

The Washington Post editorial - A Way Out of GuantanamoBay
July 7, 2006

South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial - More to Gain Than Lose With Courts-Martial
July 7, 2006

Charlotte Observer editorial - Time to Close Guantanamo
July 7, 2006

Washington Post op ed - The Court Hands Congress an Opportunity
David S. Broder
July 6, 2006

Financial Times editorial - For America's 'Decider' the Laws of War Still Apply
July 6, 2006

St. Petersburg Times editorial - Toward Responsible Military Justice
July 5, 2006

Philadelphia Daily News editorial - The Rule of Law
July 5, 2006

Orlando Sentinel editorial - End Legal Limbo
July 5, 2006

Chicago Tribune editorial - Not So Fast
July 4, 2006